1 - General

There are many options available to you as an owner or manager, sometimes it’s difficult to decide and we understand this. We have many unique selling points but it all depends on your unique needs. Please get in touch to schedule a chat and a demo.

Our support hours are 9am to 5pm (GMT +1 time).

That’s our number one priority! We want to help your property to get more direct bookings and we do this by driving more traffic to your new website so you don’t have to pay hefty fees to OTAs.

We’re available all over the world! Our software system is English based and it’s very easy to use. Get in touch to find out more about how we work in your particular region.

First of all, go here and sign up. We’ll send you a confirmation email, then you can log into your account. We’ll get in touch shortly to help you finish with the setup process.

We cater for hotels, b&b’s and Serviced apartments of any size, please get in touch to schedule a demo today


We’re an all in one hotel management and marketing platform. We help hotels with their online presence, digital marketing, and hotel management so they can increase their revenue and save time. We become your experienced technology ally in the fight for direct bookings.

2 - Setup

We prefer setting up on your behalf as we can make sure everything is correct, but you can also set up by yourself and we can have a quick check later to make sure everything is in place.

Setup and support are taken care of as part of the package, you will get access to all new features as they are made also.


The setup process takes about 3 – 5 days once you’ve provided us with all the information we need to complete the process.


We do! It’s all a part of the package. You’ll need to provide us with information about room types, room allocations and channel connection details, and we’ll take care of the rest.

3 - Website

If you haven’t had new pictures in several years you probably do. Studies show that properties with great pictures convert 20% more of their website visitors.

Pictures are so important. There’s no getting around that fact. That’s why we offer full-service photography in our Marketing Package.

It looks fantastic! That’s what we’ve been working on. Choose from any number of our templates and customize the design with any colors, fonts, and branding you desire.

Yes! A lot of care, effort and design planning goes into each of our templates which means that each of them is optimized for SEO and mobile viewing. Your website and connected booking engine are set up to work perfectly on all mobile phones and desktop displays. A smooth interface directs the guest seamlessly from the front page to complete a reservation.

Guests search Google for hotels before they book, which means they’re comparing you with your competition. The hotel that fits best with their desired aesthetic wins and that’s usually the one with the clean, modern website and beautiful, expressive photos.

Well you know, it depends. If your website is fairly new and you are getting lots of direct bookings then maybe you don’t need that part of our product.

If your website is more than a few years old and you’re not getting many direct bookings then you probably should think about upgrading.

4 - Property Management

Your email system can be set up to send automated messages guests before arrival and after departure.


Yes! Customizable invoices are easy to set up.

As many as you like. Create usernames and passwords for anyone you think should have access to the system.


Searching for and modifying bookings is a snap! Cancellations are set to automatically charge customers according to whatever cancellation policy you enforce at your property.

Pretty much everything you need and expect. Bookings can be made in an intuitive click and drag method for phone and walk-in reservations. Online bookings are automatically updated in the system while inventory is simultaneously updated across all the booking platforms that you are connected to.


5 - Connections

We connect to all the major channels including certain meta channels. Please download our PNG for the full list.


We take care of all your setup for you and we work with you to connect everything. All of your desired channels are available through our Channel Manager. We just need your hotel ID

6 - Payment

We use the banking industry-standard SSL encryption so that all of your client’s and your information is protected.


We connect to a few different gateways which accept all major payment cards including AMEX.


7 - Pricing

We accept all major credit and debit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and more.


Setup services are included in the Pro Plan. Setup charges apply to the Marketing plan. Take a look at the Pricing page and contact us with any questions.

Support services are included free of charge in all plans!

No, we don’t charge any commissions at all. The only price you pay will be the monthly fees


8 - Developer

We designed this to be super customisable. You can insert your own confirmation email template, invoice template and other pieces as necessary.


Yup! All customizable, just like the templates. Your Template can be extended to use your own booking engine design and use our open API for getting inventory and room information.


No, we just provide a simple template system for hotels and b&b’s to get a low maintenance and secure website.


9 - System Requirements

Any type of desktop, laptop, or tablet will work great!

Whatever type of connection you have will work perfectly.


Our platform is cloud-based, which means all you need to run it is a browser and a connection to the internet.